Welcome to my music page where I will be putting various clips and links to different things I have been up to…hope you enjoy. ¬† Just click on the links and enjoy!! Just added some new clips, some from the Queen Mary 2 and some from my You Tube collection:


First off the QM2 choir sing Go West by the Pet Shop Boy

Here is a great clip of me with a very talented young pianist George Bennett that I had the pleasure of teaching


A little bit of showing off in Harrods








Here is the wonderful choir from the QM2 world voyage 2013. performing what can only be described as a very camp I am What I am it was a joy to work with Emily and we had such fun as can be seen on the video…enjoy

Here is another clip from the Choir on the QM2 world voyage 2013. This time the finale and Abba medley which was so much fun to work on, I do apologise for the quality of these clips but as it retains a lot of the ad lib moments from the show I felt it nice to include…this is where I nearly killed Skippy on stage !! do enjoy..


Here also are a couple of clips from You Tube when I was at Harrods. The first is playing a beautiful Bechstein  grand piano, and the second is playing the Roland flagship piano arranger the KR115. Just click on the link to watch


David Read at Harrods [www.savevid.com]


Abba fun on kr115 [www.videograbber.net]