Conditions of sale, Postage, returns etc.

Hi everyone, just a few details on postage, conditions of sale, and in case of faults the returns procedure.

All albums are brand new and sent by me. David Read. The postage in the UK at present is included in the price of the Cd’s which is £12. this reflects the current price of posting and all CD’s are sent first class. For orders of over 10 Cd’s please email me for price details on postage at

I obtain proof of postage on all Cd’s sent, this is not however proof of delivery which can also be requested at additional cost. All CD’s sent to Australia, New Zealand and Canada are sent standard international, again with proof of postage, for international tracked and signed for there would be additional charge which you can email me about.

Should any CD prove to be faulty I will undertake to replace the item free of charge and postage paid. This does not apply to Cd’s that have been damaged in anyway once they have been received. All Cd’s are checked before they leave but there is always a tiny percentage that may have a fault or possibly damaged in the mail. I will always undertake to replace these items within the first working day after I have been informed.

Cd’s are not sold on approval and dislike is not sufficient reason for a return of a CD. I am always happy to receive feedback on the CD’s provided and will always try to incorporate new ideas from customers to improve the quality of the CD’s

Lastly for those who like to know the technical details of recording I produce My CD’s using uncompressed WAV format which produces a slightly clearer and more defined sound than MP3, and then they are mastered for sound equality throughout the tracks. Very occasionally there are some commercial DJ players that do not accept this format of recording and in this instance I can convert the CD into MP3 format at no extra charge.